Saturday, April 16, 2005

Idle musings on a Saturday--No politics here!

Work has kept me on the go the last couple of days as well as having to have a physical exam as is required by my employer. As I am not quite the young stud I once was, I had to undergo all the of the exams to make sure I'm not going keel over at my desk due to one of the great man killers. Suffice it to say I now know where my prostate is and I do not understand what homosexuals see in being homosexual...........

Have been following some of the commentary about Prince Charles' recent marriage. Seems a lot of the tabloids have been pointing out that Camilla is .....well, a beer goggle find. Bitchbert has posted some great cartoons on the subject. I love the one with the new ending to the fairly tale:
"And the prince ran off with the aging concubine" ( I thought concubines were supposed to be young and luscious).

It finally warm enough to play golf in shirt sleeves! I was beginning to wonder if spring was EVER going to come. But today's its nice and the course is turning green, but there were no Tiger Woods style chip ins for me today. Lots of sand shots though.

Meanwhile in the Japanese tabloids "Sexperts urging modern men to go the extra-marital mile "
Pointing out that having flings can have anti-aging effects for women. Maybe, but how healthy is getting shot or knifed in bed by a jealous husband for us selfless souls who are helping these women?

Sakura is just about gone, but Masamania has some great shots from Ueno Park. In particular check out the last picture.

There's more news about Chinese hatred of Japan, but that will have to wait for another time. I just ran out of beer!..........Time to go get more.



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