Saturday, April 30, 2005

Whatever the market will bear.

Ohayo gozaimasu. Its Golden Week, its sunny, warm, and I am ready to play golf!

But first, some random musings. No rhyme or reason to it, just what the mood strikes me.

It looks like the Popemobile may be for sale. NOT, the bullet proof box that Pope John Paul II used to go through crowds after some jerk tried to kill him. However it is a popemobile- now. Its on E-bay and the sky is the limit on bidding. Seems Pope Benedict XVI likes Volkswagens.

Spike over at Hongkie town had an interesting contrast between Sarong Party Girl (SPG) and Xiaxue the two "stars" of Singapore blogging over the subject of sex for money. SPG asks the question my ex wife did, "Why do it for free?" As the S.O. always reminds me, free is most expensive. ( Nobody rides for free!!!! You always pay for it-either up front, or in emotional pain and dollars, Euros, HK$ later). Reading her post though, its clear that SPG does not understand the first thing about market economics and the law of supply and demand. She is selling an overvalued product:

It's a pathetic amount, in fact. [S$]300 for sex with a complete stranger you're probably not going to be attracted to? Damn. I'd set my price somewhere at over a thousand dollars, and not without a health report first.
Young and naive, she, like many women, place an unnatural value on her triangle of love. As any experienced traveler to Singapore knows, the going rate for a free-lancer is S$ 150-200 for all night and you should not pay a penny more. At least she is honest about a woman's motivation though:

In my opinion, sex for money is something you have to seriously think over, and definitely not something you do because you need the money, and certainly not with someone you do not know. I thought about it long and hard for several months before I actually did it, and it wasn't too bad. I had sex for money because it was something I wanted to do. You know, just so I can call bullshit on what most people say about sex for money, and I must say, I can. It's no different then dating someone rich, you're just a little more financially comfortable.

This woman must have been related in some distant way to my ex. Same twisted thought process. Spike nails it when he says:

Just because you don't come from a background of extreme poverty and are facing a choice between a dollar an hour mopping floors or a month's salary in one night for a fuck doesn't mean that others aren't facing that situation every day. I don't think there's a single woman in Geylang or Orchard Towers who is there because she wants to be there, because as a little girl she said, "when I grow up, I'm going to have sex with strange men twice my age and three times my weight for money!"

Money talks, however, and there are no shortage of volunteers for the privilege of having sex with me every time I go to Orchard Towers in Singapore or Wanchai in Hong Kong. That scene gets real old, real quick though proving to me that the thrill is in the hunt. I just don't want to have to chase the prey for ever is all. That's what I like about Asia, you don't have to go through all the crap you do in America to close the deal. And like Spike, it is intoxicating when you first get over here, where " it seems like enormous empowerment to walk into a bar, see 50 women there, and know that I could be having sex with any one of them within an hour if I so choose. The fact that I'd have to give them money is almost beside the point."

Ah, and ask me again why I don't want to go back to the USA?

Speaking of doing the dirty deed, I watch CNN this morning while finishing breakfast (big mistake, now I have to hurry up and finish this then head out the door and chase the little white ball.) . They had a story, actually a series of stories on infidelity as a lead in to their show this weekend of CNN Presents about of all things , infidelity. Their first story was about the fact that with maybe one exception they could animals who mated with only one partner. DUH! Like that should be a shocker to anyone. Like the concept of monogamy should have any meaning in the animal kingdom. There, you feel the need for a scrump, you scrump. No problem. What in any way does this have to do with the human condition? However it did lend a certain Darwinian level of proof to what I have known for years: That no matter how beautiful the girl, someone, somewhere, is tired of having sex with her.

The second story was about, Internet "infidelity". I use quotes there, because in CNN's defintition, merely surfing porn or going to an on line dating site constitutes infidelity. What? Last time I checked, "penetration however slight" was required to actually qualify as infidelity. If this is the new definition of cheating then, hell, 95% of American husbands qualify as cheaters. As proof they showed a story of a woman who divorced her husband after she went snooping on his computer. Little bitch installed a Spyware program and found nude pictures on the hard drive and she tracked down his history of web sites searched. The story took the " woman as a victim" approach; making her out to be totally innocent, while her sleazeball husband was sneaking around behind her back. B.S!

It was amazing. I found myself shouting at the TV, calling the now ex wife, a stupid c**t. ( Just like Michelle Malkin) Talk about Main Stream media bias. As portrayed in the story, (which never came out and said if her husband actually had cheated on her or not....) the woman was totally innocent, had done nothing to push her husband away, and he was just a total slimeball. She had the nerve to ask him about e-mail's he had received. ( Dummy. Always password protect your e-mail account and never let the wife have access to it.). Then she went snooping on her own. Discovered nude pictures of women on his computer. ( Big deal.)

Seems to me CNN , in the intertests of being "fair and balanced", should tell the story the way it really is:

" Jane Doe, who could not hack the program as a wife, failing to provide sex on an as needed basis; refusing to give blow jobs; spending money like it was water; became extremely upset that her husband might dream of a better life, where his needs as man were fufilled. Instead, as is the case with most American women, she felt it was necessary to control every aspect of his life, and beat him into a docile servant. John Doe, being a decent human being, sought solace on the Internet, rather than book a plane ticket to Thailand where he could have his eyes opened to what else is out there, and is far better than his current existence. Instead he struggles through, out of a misguided sense of loyalty. His reward for being patient and dealing with his dreary existence? She takes her "evidence", finds a sleazy attorney , and then proceeds to fuck him out of every thing he has worked hard for in "X " years of marriage."

Now that would be closer to the truth I think. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

And finally, if you really want to get turned off on sex, check out Expat at Large's post on conservative wacko Ann Coulter. It (literally) offers a different view of the blond media mogul.

Gotta go....FORE!



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