Monday, May 02, 2005

Japanese Dodge Ball

I'm tired. Maybe it comes from playing golf 2 days in a row, maybe it just comes from too much work having to get done ( I can no longer put it off despite my best efforts to do so) and maybe it is just mental fatigue. However, I don't have the energy to post anything pithy today. I'll be back in the groove tomorrow.

Did watch お昼ですよ!The lunch time show on NHK just so I can get my Vanilla Mood fix. Today's subject was dodgeball. Only in the Japanese version, they use 3 balls and there is one player located behind the opposing team. Leave it to the Nihonjin to take something that is organized chaos and try to make sense out of it. Having the player behind the opposite team puts some strategy into the game though, and speeds up play.

Not much of a post, but its all I have in me right now.

One tired Skippy-san


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