Thursday, June 09, 2005

Getting kicked in the teeth (Part II)

It seems like all I am writing about this week is death. As I reported to you earlier, a friend of mine lost his son last Saturday. A vibrant and smart young man, who was taken away long before his time. Cruel and unfair from my standpoint, I can only hope that somewhere God had good reasons for this unfair thing. Several folks who knew the young man attended his memorial service. One sent me an account of it today ( I have left all the names out due to concerns about privacy and the internet):

It was the most wonderful event. I cried, I laughed, I cried, and I laughed again. The spirit of the service was the same spirit that young Dxxx lived his life, it was full of humor, warm friendship, and wisdom. He touched many lives, the service was overflowing with fellow students, teachers, nurses, doctors, and Navy Family from all over, including many who were stationed in Japan with the XXXX's

In the end, young Dxxx passed before many of us could say our goodbyes

The e-mail closes with a poem written by the boy sometime this year. I cried myself when I read it:


June 4, 1990-June 4, 2005

If tomorrow's going to happen
When today is finally gone
When the present is the past
Where do I belong?

Helping some poor soul recover
From a life-threatening disease
Or to bask in my own ignorance
On some off-shore tropical breeze?

When people hear your name
In the years from now
How will they react
Will they boo or will they wow?

Will I go to heaven?
Will I go to hell?
Will my funeral be crowded?
Or just a few wishers well?

What is my purpose here
How can I tell when will I know
How will I know it was fulfilled
When it's my time to go?

If tomorrow's going to happen
When today is finally gone
What will I leave behind
When my time is come?


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