Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jumping Jehosaphat! What the hell were those boys thinking!

Any one who spent time around Naval Aviation in "the good old days" ( Namely anytime prior to 1991 and the witchhunts and crucifixions that followed...) remembers Grampaw Pettibone. Gramps as he was affectionately known, was the quinticential and timeless caricature of the Naval Aviator. ( And he looked NOTHING like Tom Cruise!) :

Gramps was a column written in the Naval Aviation News. The purpose of it was to promote safety awareness by writing about, and ridiculing, the buffoonry of other's. ("The kind of comics real naval aviators like!"). There was always truth in what old gramps wrote and it was good reading. His classic line was " Jumping Jehosaphat! What were those boys thinking? ( Now he has to use the word girls as well.....) " Its good thing Gramps is not writing about politics or current events these days, he would be screaming those words, and its sure bet no one is listening.

Consider this list of things one can say Jumping Jehosaphat to:

"Michael Jackson says he is not going to allow kids in his bedroom any more"- Duh, you think maybe that's not a good idea?

"Hillary Clinton planning presidential bid."- Who gives the Democrats this kind of political advice? Hillary Clinton would be among one of the worst candidates they could run. I really wonder sometimes when the Democrats are going to get it. George Bush may be pendantic and a spendthrift, but he is a smart political animal and so are other folks in the Republican party. For the Democrats to become relevant again, they have to be percieved as being in touch with "real people's" issues. I believe, that inability to connect with folks played a role in the defeat of John Kerry last year, and it is definately involved in the current attitude of "red state superiority" thinking. "Real people" are not comfortable with homosexuality, and many of the other issues that the Dummycrats sponsor. To win back the White House, John Dean and others have to start making sense about jobs and deficits, not calling the Republicans a "white Christian party" when the demographics do not support that. She can try to pretend she is a moderate all she wants, but "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.......".

Bubblehead has a great post about a really stupid idea. "What the hell were those boys thinking?"......He's right, " Whoever came up with this idea should be publicly identified so they can get the mocking and belittling they so richly deserve...".

Whoever came up with this, obviously did not think the whole thing through:

Its a CHOCOLATE dress! I wonder if I could eat my way to the model's center?

For once, I actually agree with Michele Macangalang , ( You know her, she's the C**T); guys like Fred Phelps give Christians a bad name.... How truly low can you go?

Meanwhile in Guam a couple of weeks ago, 6 military folks decided to get together for lunch at a local restaurant. Lunch involved a few beers or drinks and turned into playing pool with more drinks. Four or five hours later they called it a day and in three separate vehicles they went their own way.
The end result? Car #1 got back Ok, but he was the most senior person of the group. Car#2 got nailed at the base gate and the driver was charged with DUI. His BAC? .200. (remember legal limit in Japan is .03, in Guam its .08). As for Car #3, well, while driving back, the driver crossed the center line and struck a vehicle with a woman and two small children in the back. (I'll pause here before I go on.) .......The mother of the small children did not survive the crash. Now mind you, the driver was not the owner of the car. His BAC? .290. The owner said he'd had too much(his BAC was .200) so his friend said, "Hey, I'm fine, I can drive" and took the keys. 5 of the folks involved are in various stages of being thrown out of the military for being criminally stupid. The sixth, well he is looking for a good attorney and protection to keep from being lynched by the residents of Guam. This is big news over here.

Over in Beijing, a university professor allegedly leaked exam questions and answers to a female applicant of a master's program after she had sex with him. This woman better have been one outstanding piece of tail, since now the professor is being charged with giving away state secrets.

Finally, back here in Tokyo, 25-year-old Manabu Furuya, finding himself down to his last 10,000 yen (95 dollars) – but at the same time desperate to take his girlfriend to Tokyo Disney Sea – the deranged devotee robbed a pub where he used to work. Fleeing the scene with 150,000 yen in his pocket, he was confronted by pub employee Takahiro Dono. And in a bid to escape, Furuya stabbed him. An attack that sadly proved to be fatal. A tragedy though that failed to get in the way of Furuya and his Disney themed date. The day after the theft and murder, he happily went to Disney Sea as planned.

Jumping Jehosaphat! What were these guys thinking?



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