Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nothing good ever happens after midnight!

It has taken me all morning to sit up straight. Tell me again, why do people drink shots? I would rather take my time getting drunk. Thus I usually only drink beer after beer after beer. I really don't like hard liquor.

However last night, I was coaxed into several shots of Te kill ya. Thank God the S.O. came to the bar and dragged me home. Tried to make it play golf this morning, opted for the couch instead. A good couch, one that conforms to my form and allows me rest while watching TV.

3 glasses of OJ later and my eys still can't focus. Back to the couch I think. S.O. will be home soon.....dreading that. Going to have to apologize to her, as I really yelled at her when she dragged me home. Wise woman though, she knows me too well.

How did my wallet and keys end up on the desk instead of the night stand?

This is not good........

If I survive today, I'll have something useful to say tomorrow.



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