Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Random thoughts...also why I hate pinheads!

Today sucked! Spent most of the day typing e-mails and on the phones trying to convince useless idiots to be doing what they should have been doing all along. Coming on the day of the President's speech, it only reaffirms that were it not for Providence, and some good staff officers, we would surely be losing the logistics battle in the Middle East.........

For every good guy out there, there are two pinheads in the rear echelon. Just about all of them are O-5 and above!!!!!! Let's give this war over to the JO's! We'll be done in 6 months. Since we have the participation of flag officers...It's going to take much longer.

Speaking of Iraq, there is literally, a beautifully written post by Neptunus Lex that each and every one of you should read. While I disagree with some of his points, he has stated the arguments in favor of our adventure in Iraq very well. Read it!

For all of you who have given kind advice about my struggles with my feelings and the S.O., thank you. Since I have been feeling especially romantic and charitable this week towards her, I would just like to reiterate, that my worst day with the S.O. is still better than my best day with the ex-wife! I guess that's progress of a sort. However for the two ladies who wrote in, you've each given me a reason take women off of my pedestal..... I used to think only men were that devious.

Meanwhile here in Bloggerville there are some great things to see. First of all, under the category of "why I like being in Asia", all of you should go over and read Spike's tales of being back in the US. Nothing to make you feel like getting the hell off to Hong Kong, than a week in L.A.

Speaking of Spike, he came across a sign that is applicable to many women I have met:

If there is any doubt if you are a prostitute......assume you are, and approach the nearest man you see with an offer to go home with him.

Moving right along.

Spike also has an interesting perspective on what it is like to work for Carl Rove.

Gaijin Biker has a post about the slide towards internet censorship is not just limited to China or the US....... . "Slowly the captives forged their own chains..." .

Are you a Power Point Warrior? Read Expat at Large's tale of what happens when things go wrong.....

Thanks to the Lost Nomad for pointing out what divorce is like.........:

And finally, the results are in for the Fashion Faux Pas Poll. Thanks and a hat tip to all of you who responded.

Here is the list of things that just drive us nuts:

1. "Ball cap worn backwards "

2. "I do not mind seeing girls with a part of their belly showing. If you have the body DO IT! I just HATE it when girls who have a belly and they wear clothes that show everyone how big a belly they have. If your belly laps way over your pants don't wear clothes that will show your belly. Cover up! How can you think this is attractive?" --(You tell 'em MOM!) .

3. "Hip-hop gangsta wannabe guys having their pants pulled down to their f***ing crotches so that they can show off their drawers, which is now prohibited by the fashion police in Japan"--( I concur Mark!).

4. "People that wear Che Gueverra shirts. I'd bet a nickel that you'd be hard pressed to find one of these knuckleheads that knows anything about Che Gueverra." (You know in your heart that Scott is right!)

5. "Any piercing on the face not involving the ears. Don't they realize those scars on their eyebrow/lip/chin/nose is going to look real stupid when they are on kid #2 and at PTA?" ( The Phibian is right on target here!)

6. " Guys who wear under-pants exposing attire" ( So Jenifer what happens if they don't wear underwear at all?)

Like the line from the Blues Brothers, "They are all pretty bad." Thanks again for playing.



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