Friday, June 10, 2005

What goes around ( the blogosphere) comes around. PLUS Friday beer and babes!

In a world of over 6.5 billion people it always amazes me when unrelated people's lives interact. Such was the case between me and Mark over at Gardner in Korea when because of work and blogs our lives actually touched one another. I just wish I could have met him and bought him a beer!

Seems Mark was going to Iwo Jima as a part of a USFK sponsored field trip. USFK, being the incredibly cheap bastards that they are, had requested airlift to Iwo from the Navy. The office I work for is involved in scheduling Navy airlift. Fortunately for a bunch of Army yahoo's, they were not too busy that day and could accommodate their request. The details of Mark's visit can be found here. We made that happen!!! One of the dirty little secrets about the Air Force is that they charge everyone they move by airplane for the privilege of moving them. Thus people are always trying to find a (legal) way to avoid paying and screw the Air Force out of their money. Fortunately for him, the boys and girls of the Naval Reserve Force, were there to save their collective asses.

Second example of the interconnected world. Phil, down in Singapore at Expat at Large, was out shopping for books the other day at Kinokuniya in Singapore. Admiring a very attractive derriere which happens to belong to Sarong Party Girl as it turns out. Lucky guy. Based on the pictures on her site, I'll bet that was a pleasant afternoon!

Four people, four different lives, unconnected in anyway, except for a desire to share their ideas, complaints, observations and frustrations with the world via the internet. Bloggerville has a lot of streets, so I am amazed that they crossed.

Speaking of attractive derriere's and getting connected, check this out. Its Yukari Kuzuya, Japan's entry into the Miss Universe pageant:

I must be slipping up. I totally missed the pageant, did not even realize it was in Bangkok this year.

Guess I need a beer.....


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