Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday beer and babes!

It's the little victories that count. Tonight, I carried on an argument with the S.O. (almost)entirely in Japanese. ( It was not an argument really, I'd call it more of an explanation. When the chair comes flying at you, as it did with my that's an argument!). I'm so proud of myself! She understood me well and unlike is normally the case, she did not revert automatically to English. That is a good indicator that : a) she is getting more comfortable with my spoken Japanese, and b) I'm not getting laid tonight!

Actually one of the great things about the S.O. is we usually do not have arguments. I usually cannot stay angry at her, because she is really a nice lady. So its probably better to refer to them as divergences. It would be easier to reach for the eject handle if she were not so kind a woman at heart. For example, tonight she laid my golf clothes out for me while she stomped around the apartment. The she came and gave me a kiss while I was typing this. GRRR! Its tough to stay mad at that. Of course, I'm still pretty sure the only sexual gratification in my immediate future has to come from Rosie and her five sisters.........

So, she'll get over it, and in the mean time I will sit here and type and drink.

Typhoon was underwhelming to say the least. It got through here, 5 hours early which played hell with everyone knowing when to be in to work today. I took the high road, went in early, got my reports done, then snuck away to play golf! Thank God the golf course knew they could be making money!

Quick update on the election here. The TV is having nightly stories about Koizmui theatre (小泉の激情)。Namely the fact that he is sending a lot of famous TV and movie stars out into the rural prefectures to campaign for him and postal reform. The TV is having a field day with it, both pro and con. Latest polls show: "An Asahi newspaper poll published today and conducted from Aug. 22 to 23 showed 32 percent support for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, almost three times the support of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, which had a rating of 11 percent. " So much for DPJ pulling off a miracle. Then again, the same polls showed 51% of the population not interested at all...........

However its a safe bet that there is over 90% interest in this:

And most assuredly 100% interest in this:

Ja ne!



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