Thursday, August 11, 2005

Seems like I never left

Its amazing what 12 hours of sleep will do for a person. While I was in Guam I got about that amount over 3 days. Last night I was in bed by 7:30........Now if I can just remember to eat 3 squares per day and remember that beer is not a food group.

It always amazes me when I go to Guam. The island has such potential, but because of corruption and downright nepotism it will never realize it. I had a bunch of other questions too, since being US territory and all, what's with all the massage parlors, karoke bars and strip clubs? Like Chris Rock said in his comedy routine, "Ain't no sex happening in the Champagne room...." Since that's the case, (and a little voice in me doubts it....) how do these places stay around?

Can't be that many tourists with sore feet or lower backs at 2 in the morning........

The newspapers in Guam had some interesting news. Seems the main hospital there is going broke despite repeated cash infusions from the government to the tune of 6, 000,000 dollars. Of course it could be they have 15 people on a housekeeping staff of one activity, when the industry standard says 7 will do......but hey what do I know? I also saw more junked cars in the villages then I think I've seen anywhere except Puerto Rico. Come to think of it, Guam reminds me of Puerto Rico.

Also saw in the paper that a Congressional delegation was stopping through on their way to China........but of course. Never let the nations business get in the way of a weekend of windsurfing and golf........

If Guam belonged to the Philippines I could believe it, but this is American territory. They can and should do better. And don't even get me started on how screwed up the United States Air Force is up at Andersen Air Force base.......

Hey, its a great way of life.



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