Sunday, October 02, 2005

Here we go again!

Short posts for a couple of days, as I have to be on the trains a lot and away from computers going back and forth to Tokyo for personal business.

26 people dead in Bali. All the usual common denominators are there, Al Quaeda linked organization, Islamic extremists, and a country that allows previously mentioned extremists to roam around. Bastards!

Since the 2002 attacks, Jemaah Islamiyah has been tied to at least two other bombings in Indonesia, both in Jakarta. Those blasts, one outside the Australian Embassy in 2004 and the other at the J.W. Marriott hotel in 2003, killed at least 23.
The group's alleged spiritual leader, Abu Bakar Bashir, who has been jailed for conspiracy in the 2002 attacks, through a spokesman denied any personal connection to the weekend explosions. There was no statement from the group, which wants to establish an Islamic state across Southeast Asia.

Bashir is known for strong anti-Western and anti-Semitic views but has always maintained his innocence. Fauzan Al Anshari, his spokesman, said the cleric had no involvement in Saturday's explosions.

"No Muslim would carry out those bombings," he said. (From Excite News)

There is only one reply to that and it is not printable. I'm sick to death of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. Its not. It never has been. Its an albatross around the neck of the Arabs and sadly because of some bad turns of history, people in Southeast Asia. Until they rid themselves of this apostate religion, we are going to be stuck putting up with these types of things.....

I, for one, am tired of it.


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