Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blog birthday

Today my little blog is one year old. As is typical for me lately, the day just sucked at work so all the pithy comments I had to say will have to wait until I'm in a better frame of mind. The last year has been interesting and I've learned a lot: both good and bad about writing and people.

I began this blog out of a sense of frustration responding to a huge personal disappointment in my life; created by nothing but sheer stupidity on the part of other people........on the part of the "big bad establishment". My disgust with their simplistic trying to slot people into molds, set me off on the path of blogging to begin with.

More later when I can think. Right now I'm just fried. I'm sick of stupid people and the fact that in my line of work the scriptwriting never gets any better, just the people saying the lines change. Sad, but true.

So for tonight I'll close with the words I used to open this blog:

"Cynicism is the smoke that rises from the ashes of burned out dreams."

More is still to come..............


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