Monday, April 17, 2006

What if he did go?

First, Donald Rumsfeld is not going anywhere before November. The people over at Foreign Policy's blog offer some cogent reasons why.

In fact, they point out that:

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a report that Don Rumsfeld is embattled, under fire, taking flak, facing a mutiny etc. But I still can’t smell blood in the water. Indeed, every time a general comes out and denounces Rummy I think it makes it less likely that he’ll go anytime soon.
And even in November, he would only go on a good basis provided the GOP won the mid-term elections. The Democrats seem to think they have it in the bag. They could not be making a worse mistake. October is going to see the President doing one of the few things he does well, campaign. This will be a tough fight, and it will be made tougher if they are stupid.

For a list of possible successors look here. I vote for Lehman. 600 ships and not one less!

Still, its nice to dream.

Dear Mr Rumsfeld, so long as you are going to be around anyway, maybe you could finally get off your duff and make a passionate speech about this........... I've provided your talking points.


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