Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another blogless day.........

Traveling was every bit the pain in the ass I expected it to be...even on JAL. The flight to Korea is a short one however. The Bus ride from Incheon though.....well that is another story.

Incheon is a beautiful airport. Normal fal-de ral getting through immigration et al. Then finding and getting on the bus took some doing.

In a grumpy mood. Got some news I did not need to hear before I left. Expecting more this week.

Plus this whole thing of Muslims trying again to be stupid has me pissed off. The more I read about the plot, the angrier I get.

Lots to blog about no time. This coming week is going to be busy, tonight is one of my few nights out. I'm gonna enjoy it. More tomorrow I promise.

In the meantime read any of my links. Especially Hemlock. He's in good form this week.

Oh yes, read about the admiral in California and his new plan for social engineering. 0,0,0,1,3.
The last number is his rule for total drinks in a night. A night? Screw that! With all due respect, Rear Admiral Whatever your name is.....go **** yourself! So long as one does not drink and drive and shows up for work on time, the amount one drinks is his buisiness. I'll be sure to have 3 drinks an hour this evening. Read the whole stupid story in Navy Slimes. Why don't these idiots ever learn?

All you will do is drive your Sailors underground to do their drinking. Maybe if all the moral zealots rising to authority in this Navy today, actually knew how to have a good time they might understand that this is not the way to make incidents go down. It does however, guarantee, that when an incident does will be spectacular. Moron. More on this in a later post.


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