Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm still here you greasy bastards..!

Iwas very busy today. In at 6 am and out at 9 pm. Too tired to post anything long.

However I did here an interesting theory during all the chaos today. "The only nation that wants a united Korea is the United States."

The person then went on to explain that S. Korea really does not want it, because of what it would cost them to rebuild the North. China does not want it, becuase in the current circumstances N. Korea is a third nuclear arm for them. Japan does not want it for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that China would use an united Korea as a reason to lobby hard for less US troops in Japan and thus an easier time to take Taiwan if they wanted to. Plus it would give Korea refugees more reason to try to get to Japan through an opne conduit to Kyushu..........

Interesting theory. Reminds me of what Hemlock pointed out last year.

Odell asks me a simple but profound question. “Koreans… What the fuck?” I give him the country’s history in a nutshell. First, it was repeatedly invaded by the Japanese, then it was repeatedly invaded by the Mongols, then it was repeatedly invaded by the Chinese, then it was repeatedly invaded by the Manchus, then it got one big, maybe-they’ll-get-the-message-this-time invasion from the Japanese again, and in 1950 it invaded itself. This experience, I explain, has made these people the proud and noble mouth-frothing xenophobes we all know and love today, threatening to send hordes of vicious peasant warriors to Hong Kong if our Government does not honour their birthright as sons of the Hermit Kingdom, namely immunity from laws against assaulting policewomen with bamboo poles.


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