Thursday, September 14, 2006


That's an abbreviation meaning Big F**king Deal. Used primarily in the sarcastic sense.

Which is my sense when I read the various writings of men who should know better, continuing to cry over and over again about horribly Muslim societies treat women and that as a result of this struggle against terrorism , they will be forced to turn their societies around and adopt the feminist American ideal.

For example, several blogs have waxed poetic about Anousheh Ansari who will become the first Muslim woman in space. I'm so excited! A woman with 20,000,000 dollars burning a hole in her Louis Vuitton handbag, has decided to spend it on a trip into space. That's not a cultural breakthrough, its a high class version of a shopping spree. All it proves to me is that if you give a woman a lot of money, she'll find something to spend it on.

If she really wanted to do something culturally relevant she would spend that money on something like Doctors' without Borders, or other organizations that are trying to stem the drug abuse and other problems within Iran. What? You did not know there was a serious drug problem in Iran? That probably means that you also don't know that Iranian women are some of the most style conscious in the world. In many ways they have a lot in common with their western sisters:

To my amazement though, after a few weeks, during one of these family parties, one of the khaastegaari girl's brothers asked me if I considered myself Iranian or American. The party went silent, every one was listening intently: I said in broken-Farsi, "more American, but yet certainly Iranian too, what can I say?" Then, almost like a sigh of relief, his mother asked, "Do you feel a culture shock?" I said, honestly,"No. I feel totally at home, and would prefer to live here if I could make dollars." They were even happier with me, after that.

They both like men who make money!

I'm just as amazed as those who fawn over the fact that the American armed forces have 15% women in them and so, by their definition, must be superior to those countries who have primarily men in their armed forces. They ooh and awe over the fact that we have female fighter pilots who drop bombs on insurgents. Never mind that for each one of these, we can also see one of these. Which creates as much negative publicity as the former item creates good PR. No, we have to go on and on about how terribly these backward nations treat their women. Then we crow again about how our invading them, in violation of their sovereignty, will bring them truth, justice, and women in the boardroom. ( But sadly not the bedroom....).

Its total and complete crap. What it shows me is that men have become so conditioned to feminist propaganda, thrust upon them over and over again, that they have to parrot the feminist line, even if in their hearts they know it not to be true.

So the myth gets perpetuated. Arab nations treat women like crap so we, the big bad United States, have to save them from themselves. "One woman in a cockpit is worth a whole division" and other such nonsense.

Give me a break!

Now mind you, I am not in favor of wrapping women in black robes in 100 degree heat. And while I feel strongly that there are different roles for men and women to play in society, my ideal world would look nothing like Saudi Arabia. My mother taught me to hold the door for ladies, pay the check on a date, and treat women with politeness. On the other hand, I have no desire to see Arab nations inherit the upheaval that American men have allowed to be imposed upon them. I want to keep them from the peculiarly American curse of "cellulite, nine yards of attitude, and bad manners.". Plus lets face it, Arab divorce laws are far better than American ones.

I'll say it again. Its crap. Its all total and complete crap. The bottom line is that it will be economics, not war, that brings change to Arab countries. As the oil runs out and they cease to be able to employ hordes of Indonesians and Filipinos to attend to their domestic needs, but having gotten used to the good life, they will push their women out into the workforce. One man alone cannot make the money to keep up a 4000 square foot house. Its a lesson that has already been learned in America. Buy a smaller house? Perish the thought!

Until then, we would be well advised not to rush the process. Arab societies will have to develop in the context of what is acceptable to a majority of their population. And for now, given the realities of Islam and governing under it, women driving down the road in Saudi Arabia just is not going to cut it.

That does not mean women will be with out power though. They will continue to hold, as they have for time eternal, the power of the puss. Men want sex and they know it. So they will continue to make slow but steady gains until they have neutered Arab men, the same way American men have been neutered. And just like in America, the Arab world will be worse off for it.

As Fred points out:

The United States becomes daily more a woman's world: comfortable, safe, with few outlets for a man's desire for risk. The America of wild empty country, of guns and fishing and hunting, of physical labor and hot rods and schoolyard fights, has turned gradually into a land of shopping malls and sensible cars and bureaucracy. Risk is now mostly artificial and not very risky. There is skydiving and scuba and you can still find places to go fast on motorcycles, but it gets harder. Jobs increasingly require the feminine virtues of patience, accommodation to routine, and subordination of performance to civility. Just about everything that once defined masculinity is now denounced as “macho,” a hostile word embodying the female incomprehension of men.

See your future Akmed. No wonder you guys are raising so much hell.............



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