Thursday, September 07, 2006

First, a funny post...........

I'm in a very down mood tonight. I've been down all could almost say I'm depressed, but I don't get depressed. I just get angry, horny then drunk. That way I pass out before depression............

Lots of reasons for this, mostly war, politics, and work related. However there are also other reasons today.

Reason #1: Tailhook begins today, and I'm not there. Not that I have a real reason to go besides listening to liars flag officers give briefs, drink more than my fill, and gamble my ass off while ogling hookers waitresses. However what else should I be doing after the BS I just had to put up with?

Reason #2: Expat @ Large, who is one of those guys I wish I could be, is organizing a get together tonight. In my favorite place on the planet. If I cannot be at tailhook, then I should be there. I will do neither thanks to that annoying little detail called work. Accodingly tonight I shall drink heavily.

Oh but look where I could have been!

I do have Expat at Large to thank for introducing me to my next Japanese teacher though(Courtesy of Dick Headley, another guy I wish I could be.):

Warning, there is no nudity here. However if you find sexual humor offensive hit stop after the second lesson. However trust me the video is funny and grammatically correct. And it will make you wish your name was Toshi!

With all the bad news today, its nice to laugh. Bad news to follow.....consider your self warned!


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