Saturday, September 09, 2006

From the Scribe

I'm lucky enough to count Steeljaw Scribe as a friend of mine. He's someone I really respect. He's passed along to me his idea for observing 9-11.

The 2996 project was started as an attempt to have individual blogs host a remembrance of each of the victims of the attack -- those from the WTC, Pentagon and on each of the airliners (hence the 2996 label ). No politics, no discussion of the killers, just a remembrance of those who were taken from us. As of two weeks ago, 2,996 blogs have signed up and are participating.
What I'm doing is posting my retrospective esterday/today) of the Pentagon attack and this weekend will be putting up memorial postings, first for my shipmates from N513 and N3N5 who were killed and also for Colin Arthur Bonnett who was killed at the WTC. Monday will be a silent post @ 0937:25, the time of the Pentagon strike. I invite you to my website ( and the 2996 Project site ( to view the homegrown observances being posted.

Scribe was working in the Pentagon that day. He survived, but many of his co-workers did not. Go over to his blog to see his account of that terrible day.


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