Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the rebound

For a guy who had 3 times the legal limit at the Naval Academy, I felt pretty good when I got up to go to work this morning. So there, Helen Dunn, one can drink and still make it to work on time. ( In case you have not figured it out, I've picked the good CAPT to be my whipping girl for at least the next few days. Enjoy it! Its a privilege few get to share....).

I went and had some beers with the Yankee Sailor tonight. He's a good guy. Doing a hard job that is made harder by the mis-management of his superiors. His TIMBWA ( Time at Home in Bed With Mama) is going to suck for the next few months. So without a doubt he is working harder than me. He's a shoe too, so he deserves extra sympathy. They do eat their young. Send him some greetings!

One final point before I close. Can someone explain to me why the Pope has to apologize to a bunch of worthless Muslims? Should it not be the other way around? Perhaps he should remind them, that Ishmael came from the "black sheep" side of the family, not Isaac. Accordingly you should just go suck ( Halal) eggs! Muslims have to be the most easily offended people on earth! I'll tell you what offends me. Americans getting blown up by useless Arabs. Any time you worthless Islamic f**ks want to answer for that, I'm all ears. And please don't blame it on that useless piece of excrement, Mohammed. History, proves that quite wrong, if you worthless as*h**les had bothered to study it.

That felt good! So too did realizing that I cannot change the eventual outcome, but I can go kicking and screaming to the destination! He's back! And just as ornery as ever...................

Because E @ L told me so................


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