Thursday, September 28, 2006

Traveling man!

Is a happy man. On the road again. Partly for business, partly for peace of mind. Heading down to the not so fragrant harbor to do some serious thinking about life and its current direction. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, someday yoou may surely get it.

After that on my way back east for business and maybe some decent mexican food.


Saw a great quote in a recent time magazine. Who would you rather be stranded with on a desert island: Ann Coulter or Katherine Harris? I agree with Al Franken's answer, Katherine Harris because there is more meat on the bone. ( and elsewhere.......)


Speaking of meat on the bone, I have been watching the commentary on the leak of sections of the National Intelligence estimate. On the one hand there is the obvious violation of law, by someone in the service of the goverment-for it could only have come from somone with clearance and access to the document-and the potential damage that it does by revealing sources and methods of gathering intellingence. On the other hand it is heartening to know that our Intelligence agencies are actually returning to the idea of providing clear headed analysis and thought, instead of simply packaging the ideas that they have been told to. To me, its a vindication of sorts. I published a post a few months back about the revolt of the professionals, which quoted the disgust of seaseoned intelligence professionals at having their work so callously disregarded by the current cabal that resides on the E-ring. I see this report as simply another signpost of that trend. It also proves to me what I have felt for a long time. Terrorism can mutate and mestatize creating more bad cells than what you started with.


Man, I love the beer machine here in the lounge! It pours a perfect beer every time! I'll be back in minute...............


Finally I think you should go over and check out the fine words of Hemlock........on that curse of the Western World, Krispy Kreme! That and coffee would make a fine breakfast. Have to check it out!

Ja ne!


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