Monday, September 11, 2006

Who shall remember their names?

We will.

There is a line in a Tom Clancy novel, Red Storm Rising that goes something like this:
"The whole world seemed like it had caught fire, and because of them[the hijackers] the world literally would."

I hate the fact that this day happened. I hate the members of Al Quaeda. I hate Mohammed for starting this useless nonsense some 1300 years ago. I hate Arabs for having harbored and allowed such evil to have prospered in their midst. I hate Afghans for being wedded to ancient useless concepts of tribalism, that should have died out long ago. I hate the Iranians for continuing to forment trouble in a country that could achieve so much more. I hate them all, Arabs and Persians, for having squandered the great gift, that God in his inscrutable wisdom, gave to these useless human beings who in no way deserve it.

I wonder how I would have reacted in a similar situation. Would I have had the courage to do something? Or would I have simpered silently? Every time I fly, I look at the people around me. Could one of them be plotting a similar evil?

I see Arabs on the train and I assume they are up to no good. I watch the news and marvel that after 6000+years man cannot yet live in peace with his fellow man. I look at the names of the dead, and wonder why they had to die. I hate the fact that my nice little world has been so screwed up. I hate the fact that my children will still have to be dealing with the results of this day, long after we are all gone.

I wonder again why, if God is so powerful, does he allow such evil to continue in the world. Evangelicals will continue to spout drivel about free will and that good will triumph in the end. God could not intervene? I ask why not? He's God.

I hate myself for harboring such anger. For questioning He who cannot be questioned. Also, I find myself unable to understand those on both sides of the aisle who will politicize this day, despite their assertions that they mean no such thing.

And finally I pray for the dead. ALL the dead in this great catastrophe that has engulfed the world for the last five years.For it is in death that all are equal. 2996 died on September 11th. Since then almost 3000 Americans have died in the wars that sprung up in its aftermath. 30,000+ by any reliable estimate have died on the Afghan and Iraqi side of the tally. And still it goes on. The end is no where in sight. Dear God in Heaven, I wish You would make it end.

I remember again the words of Herman Wouk, "Either war is finished, or we are".

And finally, we remember their names: Names that were once lives, with love, hopes, and dreams. And we vow that no matter what happens in the future, we shall never forget that they once walked the earth. Were a part of us. Lived among us. Now they are gone. We remain behind. For how long we do not know. The summons to duty could come at any time.


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