Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A promise is a promise.....

First-a news update.

Sitting here at my computer desk, quietly drinking beer when all of sudden the TV emits a loud shreik, over and over again. Then the news comes on announcing in Japanese that this was a Tsunami warning and it would follow in English. And it did. over and over again. As I am typing this, there are loudspeakers telling people on the streets about it over and over again in Japanese. Cause of the Tsunami, an 8.1 Earthquake up in the Kuril Islands. Wave heights are expected to be 2M in Hokkaido , .35m down the rest of the north Honshu coast. In almost 7 years of living here, I have never heard or seen that.

Makes me think of the movie poster I saw by Shaw Place last week while I was in Singapore:

This flick will probably be a big hit in China and North Korea!

So if I'm not here in about 30 minutes, you'll know why. However in exchange for Sourrain showing me her new haircut, here are few pictures of what gets washed away in the movie. (Sourrain here are your Japanese pix I promised!)

Tokyo Tower

Imperial Palace

Mt Fuji

Himeji Castle

And sadly, if you watched the movie trailer a whole lot of these:

Guess I better drink a few more beers!


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