Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Saturday night..........

And I'm in my hotel doing laundry.............What the hell is that all about?

Had to work today-off tomorrow. Then back at it for another 6 days. Tell me again about bad choices, I don't think I heard the warnings the first time.

Then again, its not so bad a day when:

Navy beats Army and I get to lord it over a bunch of Army guys (and a couple of Air Force pogues).

USC gets knocked out of the National Championship.

WVU wins.

I am in Hawaii.....I just need a better set of working hours.

Nothing to post really. I have a lot to say-just not time to say it till next week. I have just enough time to get a beer (or 4), dinner, then off to sleep. Tomorrow though........FORE!!!!!!

All I need now is one of these:

Instead I feel like this:

A serious post tomorrow........after all I read today that it turns out even Donald Rumsfeld was begining to realize that Iraq was a mess....who would have thought it?

But hey, Maliki is the right guy for Iraq-----GW said so....................


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