Saturday, December 09, 2006

ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!

My excursion into the make believe world that is. On the plane tomorrow back to Nihon.

Once back there I can resume plotting my escape from all of this.

Today was the first decent day I have had in 10 days. Went up to Barbers Point to play golf. It was a nice day and in what turned out to be a pleasant suprise it was in fairly good shape. I had heard less than flattering descriptions of it, so I was concerned when my buddy got us a tee time there. Some good shots, some bad ones and after 14 my slice came back..................

Now its back to pack, then into a cab and head to Waikiki for one final round of booming.

Going to be drinking these:

And flirting with these:

Not much of substance tonight. We went straight from golf to dinner and now its past 9 at night. However I have also taken up a guest blogging spot over at Sourrain's place. Why not stop by and give her a hug?

I could use a hug myself, but I am so glad this week is over! When I get home I will tell you why-please stay tuned.



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