Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A couple of stories you may have missed.........

With all the coverage of the events of the last few days, there are a couple of events that you may not have noticed.

1. Before the President jumps off the high dive into the American Enterprise Institute's half assed filled pool, you might be interested in taking a look at one more set of poll numbers.

I'm sure the Army Times will get attacked when people finally realize that this is out there ( and I'm suprised more MILBLOGGERS are not talking about it), its an interesting divergence from what you may have read in other outlets. When you do attack the Time Publishing corporation (and you know who you are....), please remember that they have been right before-and are probably closer to the truth than many inside DOD want to realize.

2) Is this true? The Air Force wants to outsource that which cannot be outsourced?

3) Finally, I found someone who agrees with me that Kanji tattos are just plain stupid, especially if you know what it means.

Friends don't let friends wear this!


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