Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Folding like a cheap suit.....

The United States Air Force that is.........

I wonder how much mayhem was threatened to accomplish this:

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House,can now fly in style at your expense. Speaker Pelosi has been granted authorization to make use of military aircraft whenever she sees fit.

Lisa Sylvester reports.


(voice-over): It's clear skies for Nancy Pelosi. The Pentagon is providing the House speaker with an Air Force planelarge enough to accommodate her staff, family, supporters and members of the Californian delegation when she travels around the country.

The "money shot" quote of the story is this:

DAVID KEENE, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION: It's better than flying first-class on United or American. This gives her the opportunity to use the plane as a conference area, where she can get members of her delegation together and plot strategy or politics or talk about legislation, do whatever she wants.

Yea, well that may be. However as one who is about to travel on United Airlines tomorrow, that is not saying that much.

Now if we were talking Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific, now that would be different.

Oh great! Speaker Pelosi is back! Excuse us while we lock up the valuables.

This is bulls**t!


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