Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fun's fun

But I'm done!

Wrapped up work this morning. Computers cleaned, reports submitted, listened to mind numbing "lessons learned" (which are almos always the same ones from last year)...then its time for:


Slide on out in the PM for a sojurn to Kaneohe and its beautiful course along the ocean. As for my game the less said the better.

Back to Nippon this weekend so posting will continue to be short and sweet.

We did make a sojurn down to Waikiki last night-basically to look for beer and women who did not have dates for Valetines day. Found the beer, did incredibly poorly on finding the second item. Oh well, 7 years in Asia have destroyed my reflexes on good opening lines anyway.

Oh, but in the day........... mid 80's-Miramar O-Club. Now that's a fine memory!

Here is a question though.......why do people think chili dogs are meant to be eaten with a knife and fork? Got a chili dog at the turn and it came out smothered in chili. Second time this has happened here. Remember folks-just a little mustard, a little chili and balance it out with onions. Half the fun is cramming that little delicay into your mouth. Kind of like this:

Times up-it seems the library closes early tonight. More later!


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