Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hangul Hamstrung

My days with blogger are numbered I think. I'm going to get my own domain.

Besides freezing my face and a** off last night while stumbling back from the bars, I awoke to find that when I log into blogger it all comes up in Hangul. Talented I may be, but Korean is not a language I have attacked yet. Thank god the english come up at the bottom of the browser when I move the mouse.

I had wanted to go back to Seoul today, but some issues with my folks back home mean that I need to stay close to a phone. Nothing serious, but I need to call back and get a hold of people. Its probably just as well. I'll save money and I can still get the S.O. that genuine imitation Coach purse she wants.

Actually today is not too bad. There are even people out playing golf. I'll wait till next weekend when I will be in a warmer place.

There is some news to report. Across the Pacific, sighs of relief are being heard. The complicated shifting of the dominos appears not to be happening-which is a good thing. The continued trend to move four star preferred customers around is an area for debate, but here I think they are making a good choice. However for the guys at the Norfolk Federal Penitentary-it sucks to be you!

Damn there goes the phone! I going to hit a Hangul button that I think means publish..........we'll see.

And.... we're back. One other piece of news I noted this morning was that the Navy has given a name to the P-8A- Poseidon. I know they are supposed to name it after Greek gods but all I can think about is this.

Well that picture publish thing did not work so well...........what's Korean for ARRRGGGGHH!

Finally check out this take by John Stewart on the whole Cheney daughter, gay mom baby issue.
Its funny.


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