Monday, February 19, 2007


Back home at last. It feels very good to be back-kind of like being back in a safe place again. The sights, sounds, and smell of home are quite pleasing to me on this particular day.

The flight back was not the worst I've ever had, but definately not the best. The plane was full. Looking around the gate lobby were lots and lots of cute, curvaceous, young Japanese women returning from holiday. Do I get to sit next to one of them? No, instead I get seated next to two rather rotund, Sari wearing, women who were on a return journey to Hyperbad India. We had a pleasant conversation, since I have never been to India, I asked them a lot of questions about life there. Turns out they were Christians coming back from a 25 day "leadership seminar" in Maui. Guess the Christian church in India must not be hurting for money. Your collection offerings at work!

I felt sorry for them though. They had a long way to go to get home. Hawaii to Narita, Narita to Singapore, Singapore to Chennai, Chennai to Hyperbad. Cattle class on JAL/JAL partners all the way. That's one tough trip-made doubly so it seems because they didn't drink-and they had a 9 hour layover in Singapore.

Upon arriving at Narita, I discovered that my luggage had gone to Osaka. Thanks guys! Thanks a lot! Get my luggage back today? "So sorry-have to be shipped by overnight Takyubin (express shipping company). Perhaps tomorrow night." -GRRRRR!!!

Another 2 hours on trains and I am finally back home and in the sweet embrace of the S.O. Except she has a cold and really does not feel well. Get her a blanket and some pillows so she can rest on the couch. Make myself some dinner and finally say to hell with and go to bed. Wipe this day off the books.

There is lots to talk about tomorrow though. Been reading through the blogs I regularly stalk-I may have to get out the old Louisville Slugger to set some people straight!

Till then-Happy Day!

Correction! E @ L informs me it is not Hyperbad. It is Hyderabad. Which, he informs me is-hyperbad. Its all Hindi to me.................


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