Monday, February 05, 2007

I fought the man.....

And the man won.

Today has been frustrating to say the least. I was supposed to go to Seoul, but I finally got a hold of my sister to find out, to my relief, that my parents are OK. The woman needs to learn how to leave a message when she calls my work!

So I spent the day engrossed in my Suez War book-which is tough to follow, I do a lot of skipping around. It was probably the same way for Anthony Eden.

Also tried to get my wireless internet to work in the room and for some reason it did not. Which is why this post will be short. After 5 to 7 OB's, I don't have the stamina for it.

Why did the man win? Because the USAF has lost it mind when it comes to prohibited we sights. They even censor google searches. I typed in " How to defeat USAF firewalls" and it blocked me. However what to me is amazing is that FOX news, the Town Hall Harlot and Lex are all allowed by USAF networks. Try to access Wonkette though.....forget about it. And my blog, well suffice it to say its not being read off of USAF servers.

Bought some DVD's today, including one of my favorite movies, A River runs through it. I love that movie and miss fly fishing that I used to do with my dad.

I can't even go to my bank on a USAF network. And when I tried to use the wireless in the room I couldn't. What the hell are these guys thinking?


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