Friday, April 06, 2007

More politics and stupid politicians......why men need beer and babes!

Its prefecture Governor election season in Japan. Or at least in Kanagawa and Tokyo. Thus each night NHK, because it has to, runs addresses from the various candidates.

As a result?

Meet Kouichi Toyama-he's the anarchist candidate for Tokyo's governor. His speech on NHK has gathered a bit of a you tube cult following in Japan. You Tube user Oniazuma hjas done a good job captioning his speech, so you can shake your head in disgust. Election day is mercifully it will be over soon.

Here now is Kouichi Toyama:

I don't which is worse watching him or watching Nancy Pelosi. Both have made an ass out of themselves this week.

Now go here for the parodies!


Meanwhile, Shintaro Ishihara, the man who won in a walk the last two elections and was the author of "The Japan that can say no" is in a much tighter race than he expected:

Is one of the world's largest cities tiring of its nationalist leader?

Outspoken Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara -- co-author of "The Japan that Can Say No," a best-selling paean to ultra-patriotism -- has long been an emblem of the country's resurgent right.

But as Japan struggles to repair ties with Asian neighbors and deflect criticism of some politicians' unapologetic approach toward wartime atrocities, the once-popular Ishihara clings to a surprisingly thin lead in his race for a third term.

The Sunday election is widely seen as a test of Japan's tolerance for an accelerating drift to the right. And watching in the wings is conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party, for whom the vote is a key indicator of nationwide parliamentary polls in July.

Ishihara-san is also the man who said that all crime comes from foreigners. Thus he is at a loss to explain the murder of a British lady English teacher by a Nihonjin. That, by the way has been a big story in Britain this week-edged out by the Iranian crisis.

Meanwhile, in American politics, I now know why Jim Webb carries a gun. There are more than a few Congressmen who need it pointed at them. Meet the number one candidate for a 9mm breath mint:

Seeing her on TV made me just hang my head in disgust. Someone should remind her that before she gets up on her high horse, she might want to do a head count in the Senate.....its not very good for her party. So please stop telling me there is a new Congress. The new one is the same as the old one, and equally pompous. It takes smarts to play against Team Satan Bush and it would seem with every passing day the Speaker of the House does not have them. Big surprise, the Democrats have always been their own worst enemy.


Who wants to go in with me for a house in Hua Hin?

No politics. Just plenty of these:

And more than a few of these-passing through:

No scarves here!


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