Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Through the looking glass...............

I should not do it. I should just keep quiet and let Al Sharpton have his way making Don Imus feel scared. I should stand up and like all the guests on the Today Show this day, I should feign outrage, because Don Imus provided exactly the product he is being paid to provide by MSNBC.

But I just can't resist................

As far as I am concerned, Don Imus should confine his defense to 3 simple words, "Kiss my ass!". Seriously, I've heard the offending remark over and over again and in the context of Imus's normal banter, it just does not seem like a very big deal.

WHAT?! I'm shocked and ashamed for you! Don't you know the man is a racist?

Yea well so is Al Sharpton. And his pals. Only they get to get away with their racism because they have powerful friends.

Imus, has no choice but to crawl on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Al's pals smell blood in the water and they are going to milk this incident for all its worth. Imus will probably not get fired, but he will lose enough advertising that his show will fold up and blow away. This all about a lot of money, and Imus knows he stands to lose it. He's no fool, he will be crawling through shards of broken glass to keep the gravy train coming in.

Now was it the smartest thing to say? Absolutely not. He could have stopped a hell of a lot sooner and gotten his point across with out the racist overtones. Although I find it interesting that there is a double standard at work here. NBC's recording side of the world has probably published more than a couple of rappers who used the same types of words.

Sorry Don, that's what you get for losing the birth lottery. Also, I've seen your hair and I'm not exactly sure you should be making fun of anyone else's.

This is not about one remark. It is about criminalizing private speech. Its about ensuring that people only say the politically correct thing. Imus is not the first broadcaster to run afoul of the PC police, he won't be the last.

I particularly enjoyed watching Imus get lambasted by O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin today on his show. If anyone knows anything about racism it is those two.

I do have one question for Mr Sharpton though. While you are busy taking Don Imus to task for his remarks and getting the basketball team to do so, think you could find time to ask them about their 2006 graduation rate? Which lags 30% behind all other female sports at Rutgers? Or perhaps look at their abysmal male football graduation rate? Now if Imus or anyone else had had an inkling that would have made an interesting tale to tell.

Except its racist to point out facts, as well as make jokes.

I'll be waiting right here for the thought police to come find me..............


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