Thursday, June 14, 2007

The eagle has landed.......

After a very long day getting here, finally got myself into Canberra. Yesterday was about delays and more delays. At least once I got to the hotel I could sleep.

The city is very different than I pictured it. Looks a like a nice place to live-not so nice place to party. Maybe that is just as well. At the rate of exchange with Australian dollar-when I start drinking beer I go through them very quickly it seems.

Our Aussie hosts did take us out last night to a pub-what a refreshing concept!-to watch the Queensland-New South Wales football game. I had a hard time making sense of the whole thing and after 5 pints ot Toohey's, really did not care who won. OUr hosts sure did though.

Note to self: 5 pints is not the same as 5 cans. At least I slept well.

Off to work!


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