Friday, September 07, 2007

Old dog-same tricks.

You just got to love this. All the Navy readers of this little blog can say, "I told you so!" now. Seems you can take the boy out of the Pentagon, but you can't take the Pentagon (and the black shoe attitude) out of the boy:

Now, in running his congressional office, Sestak has imported a measure of military toughness; he is battling a “misguided” culture in Washington, said William Walsh, Sestak’s district director: Aides are expected to work seven days a week, including holidays, often 14 hours each day, going for months without a day off. These are very long hours even by Capitol Hill standards.

After more than nine years on Capitol Hill and only six months as chief of staff, Brian Branton announced on Aug. 17 that he would be leaving Sestak to become vice president for Congressional affairs at USA Funds, a nonprofit corporation that guarantees student loans. Sestak also has seen three press secretaries come and go.

Military toughness? Excuse me while I sneeze-horseshit!

If there is that much work, then hire two shifts. I have never understood this pre-occupation of some folks in very senior leadership positions that somehow working longer means that you are working better. It never did and especially in today's Internet connected age it does not make any sense. Life is too short to spend it at the office all day. I'm sure Brian Branton came to the same conclusion a whole bunch of retired O-6's who worked for Sestak in the Pentagon came to as well. "Nothing is worth this amount of bullshit. I've wasted a year (or more) of my life that I will never get back. Screw this! "

Plenty of people tried to warn you about this particular psychopath. There was a reason he got fired. He took the culture of personal abuse to new heights even in a career field that is well known for eating its young.

He's even offering the same lame excuses that he did while he was in the Pentagon:
But Sestak does not attribute staff resignations to problems of his own making. “Some had other opportunities, some were not the perfect fit,” he said when asked about the 13 departures, adding, “I have had wonderful people working for me. I have asked a lot of my staff.”........

The environment was so difficult for some aides that they quit without having found a new job.

Five former staffers who spoke to The Hill on the condition that they not be quoted cited excessive work hours and Sestak’s temper as reasons for their departure.

Yea Joe, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Which drawer do you keep the silver balls in Rep. Queeg? Lots of us have worked for guys like you-I did back during Desert Storm. That guy was the biggest boost to reserve aviation recruiting that had come along in years. I can still remember being in the ready room when I heard this particular conversation:

Skipper Queeg: "JO's are just tools that we use to further our careers." (Insincere laugh follows).

Skipper Queeg's predecessor: "That may be, but when I use my tools-I clean em up and take care of them!"

If it walks like a dick duck, and it quacks like a duck.......................


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