Sunday, February 20, 2005

Better business practices? Or are we just robbing Peter to pay for Paul's war?

There is an excellent article on the web site DefenseTech.Org that explains the way the "whackateers" who manage the DOD budget are mortgaging our future to pay for the war today. Namely by using supplemental appropriations and tying them to the ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations, the powers that be can ensure Congressional passage of needed to funds for operations and maintenance and mask the true damage that the ongoing war(s) are doing to overall military readiness.

Now I don't doubt that the money is needed, but by getting it this way, it allows the powers that be to engage in the worst kind of BS, by saying that we can really afford to fight 3 wars at once and reduce the size of our military at the same time. Kudo's to Sen. John McCain for calling this smokescreen what it is.

Click on the link in the title to see the whole article.


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