Friday, February 25, 2005

For those in Japan, here's something really interesting

Here in Japan, every weekday at 12:20, they have a TV show on NHK called お昼ですよ。(Polite way to say, Its Noon!). Now the meat and the potatoes of the show is the kind of mundane panel discussions that are way too prevalent on Japanese TV in my humble opinion. ( Like today was 卵の世界。。。。the world of eggs.) Nonetheless I watch when I can at lunch. Why? Because it is always opened by a string quartet consisting of 4 sweet looking pieces of tuna called Vanilla Mood. Now they are something worth interupting your lunch for. See below and I think you will agree:


Keiko plays piano, Yui the violin, Waka the flute, and Mariko on the cello. Mariko could have my baby......she's nice! They also are very talented and they take plain ordinary songs and put a different spin to them with traditional instruments.( Don't go there....all you men with dirty minds, I've already thought about every possible joke/ pun related to that subject.)


Works for me--Skippy-san


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