Saturday, February 26, 2005

Funny, I never met any girls like this...wonder where they are all hiding?

Reuters published an article saying Japanese girls do not want to get married. Those are the types of girls I should have met. My experience here has been quite the opposite. All the girls I met, enjoyed their single life, but at some point they always exerted that subtle pressure to get married. Its a reason why a friend of mine said that, in Japan you need two things, a girlfriend and a mistress. The girlfriend will give you sex for free, fill out the interminable Japanese forms for you and try to get you to marry her. The mistress (according to him) is where the fun begins. She'll probably be around 20-24 and very beautiful. She'll know you have a girlfriend but won't mention it. But she will want you to help her buy trendy clothes, make-up and holidays.

This little arrangement usually lasts till the girlfriend finds out about it, and then you are looking for a new girlfriend. Or you do something really stupid, like marry the girlfriend and then, when you are shortly into it, realize what you knew when you were married to an American shrew, that the concept of marriage is based on the flawed concept that women are somehow different from each other. They're not. Japanese women only seem submissive. In reality they are just as manipulative as their western shrew sisters. They just have managed the technique of making you feel better while you are being used.

Actually marriage could work, I think, if it just did not have to be tied up to the whole monogamy thing. There are several girls I could live with, provided I could have a repeated ability to get out and about and do my own thing. Women no matter what their country never seem to understand that need.

And for the Japanese government the problem is deeper. They need a whole host of new little taxpayers to start growing up now. And that's not happening. Its a real problem, not just here but in other Asian countries as well.

Then again, maybe that can be new pickup line, convincing a girl its her patriotic duty to sleep with me.........


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