Thursday, March 31, 2005

Is the great leader losing it?

Holy freaking evil empire Batman! Can it be, the great leader, Kim Jong Il can't keep the masses in line?

I was watching NHK tonight and they had detailed coverage of the football ( soccer to us Americans) match between N. Korea and Iran last night held in Pyongyang. Seems the capacity crowd ( probably turned out by force) took exception to the fact that Iran stomped them on the field. According to the report and from the video, the N. Korean players attacked the referee after he made, what appeared to me, a justifiable foul call against N. Korea. Several N. Korean fans took exception and with a fervor that would do a fan of the New York METS proud, throwing bottles and other junk on the field. Then, after the match, the Iranian bus was mobbed by North Koreans and prevented from moving. Now this is between two states who are in George W.'s axis of evil. Can you imagine the ruckus that would occur if this was to happen between Japan and N.Korea? That's not an idle concern considering the the two teams are supposed to play each other in Pyongyang in June.

Furthermore, one is left to ask the question, where do N. Koreans get enough food, let alone beer to throw at their opponents. Seems to me the Commie police in N. Korea are falling down on the job. This is not England for God's sake! And that's a great thing. Here's hoping N.Korea gets stomped every game thay play.



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