Sunday, March 20, 2005

St Patricks Day, the Vernal Equinox, and observations of life in Asia

Went with Harumi on St. Patricks day to hear an American-Irish band called Innisfree at one of the clubs. I was so shocked that she suggested going, I nearly fell over in my chair! After all, this is the woman who lied to me about being a party girl, and in the intervening period has yet to demonstrate any characteristics of being one.....( she sure as hell does not drink enough, and lately she is starting not to F#@! enough.). The band was good though and we had a good time that evening. She did not even give me shit as consumed, pint after pint of Kilkenny. Beer and Irish music...that makes me happy!.

Western holidays are always interesting here in Japan. They are fun, but always give that impression that they do not fit. Also most "Irish" pubs here are anything but, just nice places to drink expensive beer, they have live music , but its not the "feel" of a real pub. Half the conversations are in English and half in Japanese, and either way folks are trying to pick up chicks. Seeing Japanese girls in Erin go Braugh hats is kind of interesting though.

Whenever I go out to these bars though, it always makes me long for a fall back position likes exists in Singapore with the Four Floors of Orchard Towers. When in Singapore you can hit the club circuit, go to Boat Quay or Clarke Quay, chase all the Chinese yuppies you want and if you strike out there, one still knows he has the sure thing waiting for him at Orchard. This self proclaimed "Costco of human flesh" never fails to deliver the goods....for a fee.

We love you ( I mean your wallet!)

Just like a food court, all kinds of "cuisine" are on the menu. During my trip the place was hopping and for you veterans of the place all the old rules apply. Run a Google search on Orchard Towers and you will find these out. I still like the crowd at Top 10!

Last but not least, yesterday was the beginning of Spring. Its a holiday here in Japan. Japan has some of the lamest holidays in the world, however this actually turned out to be a nice day. That's a big change from the bitterly cold days of the last 3 months. Guess its time to loosen up the Golf clubs!

Have been watching the political fall out from more of the news lately, but just have not had the energy to comment. I'm still thinking about the girl with the big breasts, singing Irish loves songs in Tokyo. As Scarlett said, those articles are for another day. Can't wait to go back to Singapore or to the pub!



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