Friday, March 18, 2005

Thank God and greyhound he's gone!

There should be dancing in the halls of the Pentagon today. Paul, "We'll invade any ol' country we want to" Wolfowitz is on his way out. Of course the fact that he's going over to the World Bank and will be able to help screw up the whole world economy is a problem, but hey, he's out of the military's hair. That's the first good piece of news coming out of the 5 sided wind tunnel in months. There is probably another neo-conservative wacko waiting in the wings to take his place, but don't ruin the moment for me just yet.

Wolfowitz's term has epitomized all that is wrong with the Administration's approach to defense policy: Say good words and then through practice, do things that are 180 degrees out from that. John Cavanaugh over at the Institute for Policy Studies who has come up with 10 good reasons why Wolfowitz will make a good World Bank President. The best one? His pentagon experience will serve him well since he already "has experience in constructing echo chambers where only the advice he wants to hear is spoken". Look around some of the defense oriented Blogs if you don't believe me......the truth is out there.

Shades of Robert Mcnamara............



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