Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wars and lechery...Nothing else holds the fashion!

Scandals, Scandals and more Scandals. Every time one turns around, turns on the TV or reads the newspaper there are still more of them. Here's some recent examples of buffoonry:

Japan- A Japanese economist found guilty of peeking up a schoolgirl skirt with a mirror was ordered to forfeit it and pay a fine of 500,000 yen ($4,740). Kazuhide Uekusa, a former professor at Tokyo's Waseda University, was arrested in April 2004 for using the mirror to look up the skirt of the high school girl as they went up an escalator at a train station. They wanted to put him in jail for 4 months, but the judge decided that the humiliation of losing his job and the disgrace of being a pervert was enough punishment. Too bad Michael Jackson is not being tried in Japan!

Korea- American officials are Shocked! Shocked! that American soldiers might actually want to pay for sex in their private time. Never mind that Soldiering is a tough business; God forbid a Soldier might want to go slice off a piece of tuna on his own time. No No, not the new puritanical US military. They just want to enforce good Christian values on soldiers and instead of letting them go to Itaewon town, they would prefer they chase female soldiers around the post. In the new PC military, its ok for a female Soldier to get pregnant out of wedlock, but its wrong for a guy to go out and get laid with a condom, with a women who will forget him 30 minutes later. Somehow that makes sense, but for the life of me I don't know how. Plus its unenforceable, how does one distinguish the freebie from the freelancer? Another thing you can thank feminists for. Just ask my distinguished colleague, Angry Harry.

Meanwhile in Shanghai, that high minded restaurant promoting family values, Hooters is open, since we all know tourists and Chinese men only go there for the Chicken Wings. Have not been myself but I've been to the one in Singapore...all hype, no delivery!

Back in Japan, the powers that be are on the morality kick as a new law concerning entertainers visas is passed. Never mind that the only people the law hurts are those who can least afford it.

And of course in America is the never ending fun and games of the Michael Jackson trial, Congress and the tragedy of the Schiavo family; the bonehead from the State Department who says the US Navy should not go to Asian ports any more because, there might be sex going on there; and all the rest of the moral zealots out there, who have no idea about what they are talking about. However, hypocrisy makes good headlines. There are times I wish I had been born 20 years earlier so I could have enjoyed Asia in its heyday for Expats.........sigh.

Like old Bill Shakespere said, " Wars and lechery, wars and lechery, nothing else holds the fashion", rails the frail Thusysities, " a burning devil to take them".

Then again, where is the fun in the sexually repressed world of American feminists?




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