Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From around the blogosphere, things to see and read!

It's mid month and its time to take a tour of some of the things you may have missed.

For starters, here's funny thing that Englishman in Osaka has found. Let him explain it:

"There's the Osaka subway and the London tube. I'm sorry but there's simply no comparison. One is clean, comfortable, cheap, spacious, and efficient. The other is the London tube. For further information (and a good laugh), I urge you to listen to this wonderful song. PLAY THE SONG! " Its a great laugh and if you have taken the "tube" ( or for that matter the Washington Metro) all of us on this side of the Pacific will be thankful the next time we ride JR, MTR or MRT......

Speaking of Englishman in Osaka, he's made me aware of the new Japanese blogging law. Namely " Japanese law states that in the month of April, any Japan-based blog MUST have at least one cherry blossom photo on it. Failure to comply can result in a six month prison sentence, which seems rather harsh to [me], but [I'm] not going to argue with them about it. The notorious Japanese Sakura Police (JSP) are once again out in force, knocking on the doors of bloggers who've thus far failed to post at least one sakura photograph. Usually a verbal warning is given, followed by arrest three days later if still no photo has been put on the blog" Thank goodness I am in compliance.

And of course, there is the usual political garbage, primarily from the chorus of right wing wackos, about the Pulitzer Prize photos this year.

Terrorists on Iraqi Election day

Namely, they are upset that the photographers did not get shot themselves while photographing the news. While these photos are of tragic things, they do not seem out of context for other Pulitzer Prize photography. Or has Michelle Malkin et al forgotten the famous picture from the Spanish Civil War?

Finally, if you are not reading Expat at Large, you should. He has a great discussion on the two types of bloggers:

"There are bloggers who write. And there are bloggers who report.
The writer bloggers tell stories.
The reporter bloggers tell ABOUT stories."

Sadly the latter type are winning in the numbers of readers competition while guys like me who can't figure out which type I am, suffer along with poor readership. (However, you guys who have stumbled in here can change that......LINK TO ME!)

So here's to be made famous,



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