Saturday, April 09, 2005

Have to tell you about the Sakura!

As I mentioned before its Cherry Blossom season here in Tokyo. Out here in Ayase City at the American Navy base our some beautiful sights to behold. We went for a walk this after noon and here are a few of the things we saw:

An A-4 backed by beautiful trees.

One thing every one loves in Japan is the ponds filled with Carp fish (鯉)。

Harumi by the KOI ( Carp) pond.

Here's on of the General: Douglas McArthur looking around:

The caption on the statue says, " Japan's democracy, the father of: McArthur."

Uncle Doug looking over the Sakura.

And finally just one of the beauty that is Cherry Blossom season here.

So beautiful, too bad it does not last!

Hurry here soon! By next week it will ALL be on the street......



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