Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh Boy! Here we go again

Harumi gets the Japanese papers since despite her very excellent command of the English Language, she still prefers to A) watch TV in Japanese ( which is painful for me since Japanese TV is BORING!) and B) read about world events in her native language ( a perfectly understandable sentiment...).

Anyway, here was today's headline(s): (front page Asahi Shimbun)上海反日デモ数万人に。。。。。。二邦人襲うわれけが!(Translation: In Shanghai many thousands demonstrate against Japan....2 Japanese attacked and injured. ) Does anyone need further proof that these demonstrations are not orchestrated by the powers that be in Beijing? From the Japan Times comes this translation of their explanation: " Chinese authorities can try to dissuade citizens from vandalism, but they cannot stop it because of the number of people and their passion against Japan, said Liang Yunxiang, an international relations professor at Peking University. "You should consider this factor -- this kind of thing is very impassioned, so the government can only give advice," Liang said."


So when the students took to the streets in Beijing (北京), and the tanks mowed them down, that was simply providing advice? I don't think so Tim!

The ostensible reason for the demonstrations has to do with a proposal to give Japan Permanent membership on the Security Council. Now I do not recall Kofi " I had nothing to do with the Oil for Food Scandal " actually proposing this. Nonetheless its the party line. Listen: "Beijing is alarmed at a proposal to give Japan a permanent seat on the Security Council. Such status carries veto power over U.N. actions and is now held by only China, the United States, Britain, France and Russia. "I think that permitting the demonstrations provides leverage by creating a very public symbol of the depth of anger among the Chinese people toward Japan," said Murray Scot Tanner, a China specialist at the Rand Corp. Premier Wen Jiabao cited the protests Wednesday when he said during a visit to India that Tokyo won't be ready for a Security Council seat until it faces up to its history of aggression."

Uh Huh...Yea sure.......

How about China's history of aggression when it mowed down students in Tianamen Square....or when it invaded Korea when it looked like Kim Il Sung was going to get his ass kicked? Or maybe we should mention the little matter of the invasion of Tibet? Or the Commie invasion of Hainan..........Any of those ring a bell you worthless Chinese commie bastards?

Need more proof? Here is some, the damned Chinese arranged the demonstration through the Internet........!

Yea ....Riiiigght!


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