Friday, April 22, 2005

Progress...or the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Finally got to Hong Kong. Flight sucked, service on United Airlines in coach was lousy as usual. Still, at least they are not charging for drinks like they do on American. However the looks you get when you ask for a drink after the dinner service is done, really diminishes the experience. Asked for another glass of wine and you would of thought I was asking to fly the plane or something. Finally get to sleep and wake up when the plane touches down in Hong Kong.

Now, whenever I come here I the first thing I do is make the circuit of some of my favorite bars. Hari's is always a good jumping off point. In point of fact I never made it out of there last night. The combination of a long day, lousy flight and about 5 Carlsbergs did me in, and by 01:15 I conceded defeat and went up stairs. Some real sweethearts ( with prices to match...) in the bar though.

The other thing I ALWAYS do is head to Victoria Peak. Now I have been here enough that the novelty of going up and taking pictures of the harbor has worn off some, however I always used to enjoy going up to the Peak Tower , and breaking away from the crowds to sit and sip coffee in Pacific Coffee and ponder the every growing gap between the things I want to do, and the resources with which I have to accomplish them. Today was no exception. EXCEPT they are doing a huge amount of construction so all passengers exiting the tram are routed through the coffee shop. In addition, Madame Tussands museum has taken up what used to be all the window space that faced Victoria Harbor. I sat in the coffee shop I ( somehow by the grace of God, I got a seat) , reading my book, wondering if this was by design to increase the people traffic over to the shopping mall across the street.

It so funny, there is so much to do here in this city and places to go. And yet, recently I find I just enjoy being here not doing much at all. Today I took 2 hours reading my book, occasionally looking up to check the view. Did some shopping, then hiked back to the ferry and off to Kolwoon. Given all that's here, I should be more aggressive about getting to see things. However there is some joy is just doing nothing, so long as its doing nothing in a totally different place.

Tonight, however I'll be doing something ( or someone). Besides the view is still awesome.

Always captivates me.



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