Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Don't drink and blog!

I have some interesting reflections on Asia and the attitudes they have over here to us, farang, gaijin, gweilo, and foreign devils. Unfortunately, I had a social event this evening, which I just got home from. I had just settled down with a cold can of VB to render forth my musings when the phone rang. Crisis involving one of our folks from work. He had suffered a huge tragedy at home and needed to get out soonest. So , I have put aside the keyboard, headed to the closet, and donned work togs. I'll get back to you all but this is important. This guy has suffered a real loss.

Got to leave now and walk to train/walk to work. Don't want the Bloggerville police to pull me over for blogging under the influence. So in the sober light of day I will share with you.



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