Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday afternoon buffoonery

Skippy and his friend heading for the bar:

After all, he needs a drink after contemplating the lovely Keiko-san

As Expat at Large would say: "And by "date," I mean "have sex with." You should check out his post on the subject of Bra Models.

Speaking of Expat Adventures, be sure to check out Spike's birthday post over at Hongkie Town. Any man that can host his ex wife in town and get the "x" out on the same day, is my hero!

Meanwhile, over in India, a defendent in a rape case tried an novel defense. Offer to marry the victim.. Funny, for some strange reason she said no. In fact, she rather harshly, "want him to get the severest punishment. I want him to be hanged so that it will be a lesson for all rapists," the 22-year-old woman told a television news channel. ( Must have spent a summer in the USA at feminist camp.). Maybe it had something to with the fact that not only did he rape her, but he gouged her eye out. Interestingly enough, the court adjourned with out pronouncing a sentence. What else is there to discuss?

Back here in Japan, NHK has yet another sex scandal to deal with. The director of the popular program "Eigo de Shabera Naito" (英語でしゃばれないと, Can you speak English?) Shima Hiroyuki (39) was arrested on Tuesday for molesting a 16-year old high school girl on a train in Kanagawa Prefecture. He was apprehended by a 17-year old boy from a different high school and handed to police. He has denied the charges. This is the second sex scandal at NHK in about as many months. He better keep his hands off the hostess, Yumiko Shaku (釈由美子) , she's saving herself for me, I'm sure:

(The Lovely Yumiko)

After all、 I watch that show.

Meanwhile, down in Nagoya at the Expo, the authorities there are:

Cracking "down hard to stop Aichi 2005 from turning into a world sexpo, according to Shukan Gendai (4/30). Aichi's World Expo has been beset by a number of problems since opening on March 25, including a ban on home made foods, long lines and fewer than expected paying visitors.

But it has, according to the men's weekly, also been affected by cross-cultural relations that have proved to be a bit too harmonious.

"It is only an internal matter, but expo organizers are treading extremely carefully to make sure that no troubles arise concerning the sexes," an Expo insider tells Shukan Gendai.

What could go wrong?

"Couples are forming all over the place. Not just among Japanese, but amongst foreigners as well. Apparently really hitting it off well are a lot of guys from Islamic countries and women from South America," the employee says. "These South American women are getting around in skimpy little thongs and costumes that barely cover their nipples while grinding their hips and dancing the samba, surprising the hell out of the guys from Islamic countries. Watching the dances apparently gets their pulses racing. It looks as though these women have no qualms about exposing plenty of skin in front of others."
I'll have to check this out when I go there next month. Thank goodness we are at the bar, I need a beer:

Hey, if other people can post pictures of their pets every week, then I can post about my two favorite things: women and beer.


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