Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday Beer and babes.......

Drinking beer, watching one of my favorite movie's...The Paper. Taking it easy tonight, playing golf tomorrow. Feel like getting drunk, S.O. is nagging me."飲みすぎないように、ちゃんとうしょじしない。" ( Don't drink so much and clean up your mess!!) This is the point I retreat to the computer and write. It saves me trying to argue with her. I know she is really pissed when I get a high speed, non stop series of invectives in Japanese. So in the interest of peace and harmony, will finish this post, ignore her, and go to bed when I am damn well good and ready to. GRRRR!!!! I don't need this s**T. Brings me back to the , "Give the S.O. a pink slip" idea again. I don't have it in me anymore to be the magnanimous male any more, I want what I want. And I don't want someone telling me how to live or what to do.

This is going to get me worked up I know so its time to focus on the mission at hand. Beautiful women......

This week, Norika Fujiwara (藤原のりか)。 She is a very famous actress and model who has been all over TV and the newspapers here in Japan. She's cute:

A traditional view.

And a not so traditional look (and a younger view):

Critical part of the movie coming up, "Give me the keys!!!!" " What are you nuts?".

Time for a beer:

Have a great weekend. On my way for a business trip to the USA and to dial up connections, so if you don't get much from me....well , trust me, I'm still thinking about stuff to write about.




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