Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quick snippets....Yep, I'm back in wonderland!

Quick post here, between very contentious meetings, making the circuit of the bars in town and trying to use the remaining time before sleep to catch up on e-mail and phone calls to Japan.

Saw Star Wars, and I stand by all my previous opinions. I give the movie and Lucas a B. Its good, but I think it could have been better. Maybe a few minutes less of light saber duels, and a little more time exploring the demise of Anakin. I think he folded to the dark side too quick. ( Like in about 2 minutes). I mean, after all, going over to the dark side is a serious decision, could he not have at least been a little conflicted about it.? Still all in all a good movie.

Spent most of my meetings trying to convince people who should know better, to do the things they should be doing anyway, and watching them sweat trivial bullshit. You can get things done once they realize that: a) you're right and b) you have some powerful friends who believe you are right. As an old mentor of mine said, the plot never changes just the actors.......Thank God we don't carry pistols any more.

Its always interesting being back here, dealing with idiot drivers , lack of public transportation and pushy women......more on that at another time.

Sitting here , O.D. ing on West Wing reruns on Bravo. Yes its liberal propaganda, but I still like it.

Damn the last beer is now gone. That means its time for bed.........

More to come.



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