Friday, June 24, 2005

A bad day at the golf course beats a good day at work!

Actually my day at the golf course was not so bad. But hey, it happened when I should have been working so that's a great thing....Don't you think?

I should explain, today a well respected member of the place I work at put in his last day. Our boss (benevolent soul that he is) had given his blessing to allowing us galley slaves to play a final round of golf with the man after 12pm. Thus at 12:30, he and I were teeing off.........

Now we joke a lot about the departee's golf game. We call him "Rey the Sandbagger" because of his unusual(?) tendency to play better in a tournament than when we play him in a "normal game". Without explanation we have to assume he is sandbagging. It may just be that he plays well under pressure..who knows? Who cares? He just hits the ball a ton.....I hate him!

Actually today I could have been accused of sandbagging. My front nine was my usual 13 over par but the back was new life for me. Par, Par, Par, Bogey, Par, bogey.......then came 16.

I hate 16. Its a rolling hill for a fairway with trees on the left, OB fence on the right, and a monster bunker (plus a river in front of the green). It taunts me, it hates me, it draws out the worst part of my inability to hit a strait shot off of the tee. And if you have not guessed by now it gave me Mr Snowman. (OB followed by two very bad shots to get to the green....).

Still the old adage is true. A bad day on the golf course beats a good day at work. Now its time to for a cold one.

You thought I might forget Friday beer and babes. I know that was what you were thinking. Perish the thought.

Speaking of babes, I am still in sort of a surreal existence with the S.O. She treats me nice, I get more confused, and I don't move on. For now though I have resolved not to think about it, maybe I will for a while when I go on a trip next month. But for now, I am just going to go with the flow.

And now its:

And of course:

Ja ne!


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